Role of Women Chiropractors in Pregnancy Lower Back Healing

Lower back pain is a major cause of concern during pregnancy. It can start during the early weeks and progressively increase. Some of the causes could be the forward tilt of the pelvis, head translation, first vertebrate extension, etc. obesity can also increase the probability and intensity of pain. Some of the common symptoms could be breathing problems, leg and thigh pain, constipation, insomnia, etc. The other symptoms could depend on the physiology of individual females and hormone level imbalances.

Why Female Chiropractor

A female chiropractor (especially with the knowledge of gynecology) can understand all the health conditions associated with the factors I have listed in the introduction. She is also able to relate to her patients’ psychological changes that happen during pregnancy. Hence, the process of treatment and healing could be more reliable and safer.

Pubic Pain

Pubic pain is one of the earliest symptoms which one can experience during pregnancy due to disorder in the lower back muscles. The Para-spinal muscles could shift from their original position due to the pelvic weight. The first impact will be on the pubic area. Improper postures, diet, and lack of physical exercise during pregnancy can further create problems to the spine.

A female chiropractor can quickly identify the symptoms and relate to the causes naturally. Since she can diagnose the connectivity accurately, her treatment methods are also specific and precise. Moreover, she can choose the most effective chiropractic method that is free of obstacles and pain.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is the other probable symptom of lower back pain. The pelvic bones undergo stress and fatigue during pregnancy due to pressure from the lower back section. The sensation of pain can increase gradually and reach a peak. Sometimes the shooting pain can also result in an impact on the fetus or the growing baby.

Chiropractic treatment can balance the weight of the pelvic with the spinal cord and the backbone’s vertical alignment with the body. Hence, the center of gravity shifts more towards the middle section of the body.

A female gynecologist-chiropractor can find the best methods of treatments to pregnant patients. She can use alternative chiropractic methods like massages, spinal adjustments, alignments, and manipulations. She will also take care of avoiding the negative side effects due to medications and other forms of treatments which the patient may be going through simultaneously.


Breathlessness is one of the common symptoms which can affect the lungs, chest, and other cardiovascular organs. In the beginning, the patient may find it difficult to breathe while performing stressful activities. Later the symptoms may show up even while sitting and sleeping. It could be due to the misalignment or disorder in the thoracic muscles and nerves or other parts in the lumbar section.

A female chiropractor can provide the most accurate treatments to heal because she has practical knowledge of the female lumbar and thoracic muscles and nervous system.


My practical observation has been that the women chiropractors can perform better when it comes to healing pregnancy-related lower back problems. In my next articles, I will share my observations about women in the other aspects of chiropractic treatments.

Challenges to the Women Healthcare Specialists

So far, I have been discussing the role and contribution of women in the healthcare industry. I have been researching extensively on the subject, especially in the USA and South American countries. I came across many women speaking about gender discrimination. There was also a talk about the underrepresentation of women in the industry. But no one spoke about the causes and possible solutions. Here, I found a big gap which no one is ready to fill.  Let me tell you about some of my experiences.

Women in Healthcare Leadership

Women play the roles of doctors, nurses, assistants, surgeons, gynecologists, and many others. However, I have hardly come across a few women working as deans in hospitals or leaders in healthcare units. Most of the units are managed by men at the top positions. I wanted to find out how it could have an impact on the role of women in healthcare units.


Recruitment of women seems to be higher when the interviewers at the top position are also women. Men may have a tendency to underestimate the talent and potential of women for leadership positions. It could be a phobia or practical conditions during the time of interviews and recruitments. It is a subject which needs the attention of not only the selectors but also the leaders like deans.


Many of the top interviewers are of the view that recruitment should consider merit and experience as parameters. I came across many hospitals with the opinion “If there is a male leader with higher experience than a female with better talent and lower experience, the obvious preference could go to the male.”

Experience and specialization seem to be highest on their priority listing. So, they may prefer to choose more males than females. “Women can achieve these two goals if they are given the opportunity at the right time. The present system seems to be insensitive to such a thinking”, has been the opinion of many women health specialists working under male leaders.


Who or what are the real obstacles on women’s path to higher leadership? I tried to research at higher levels like hospitals and healthcare unit. But I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer. Then I changed my approach and went to the roots like the colleges and universities.

The students were of the opinion that gender bias starts from the first day in the classrooms. Male students are considered as better competitors for higher level jobs, while the women were still in the nursing, gynecology, and other jobs in the middle and lower categories. Evaluation and categorization

Many of the female students have reportedly faced discrimination at the licensing examinations. Standardized tests and performance evaluations also seem to be affected by gender discrimination.

Probable Solution

I feel women should have an independent university where the top positions from dean are taken up by females.


The evaluation and recruitment process could get better than what it is now. Well, think about it and continue reading my blog articles.

Women in the Role of a Health Care Specialist

Sensitivity to others’ pain can play a big role in healthcare services. The expert may provide the best treatment with medicines and a diet plan. He may even provide the required changes in the lifestyle of the patient. The strange fact is the patient doesn’t get well too soon. It is a situation which you might have heard and experienced before.

Here is a similar situation in which a female health specialist treats a patient. She is also prescribing the same medications and giving the same treatments. The patient recovers faster than expected. Healing happens faster and recovery is also quick. How does it happen?

Compassion in Healthcare

Compassion plays a big role in healing. The emotional connectivity between the patient and the doctor can be a boosting factor. The patients can trust the doctor from their heart. They get a non-verbal assurance that they can recover and go back to a normal lifestyle very soon. It is the kind o hope, which can fill life into suffering patients and make them come back to life.

Women naturally have the tendency for compassion from the childhood days. It is the way in which parents, especially mothers ensure their growth. Moreover, a woman of a particular age is more mentally mature than a man of her age. Her logic, analysis, diagnosis, and interpretation skills are much stronger compared to men. Hence, women lead for health plays a bigger role than you can imagine.

Eager to Learn

Women are more eager to learn and adopt into their profession. Listening has been one of the noblest qualities they possess. When patients narrate their medical history, they listen without any interpretation. They can repeat what the patient has said accurately. It is one factor which makes them understand the patients easily within a short time.

It is easy or the women medical specialists to adapt to any latest technology equipment. It is because they can go into the details of the structural and functional aspects of the machine.  They have the inner ability to understand how the devices under various internal and internal conditions.

Prepared to Sacrifice

Women health specialist can sacrifice their work without any expectations. It is the main reason for their preference in the surgery, natural vaginal baby-birth, and other gynecological problems. They can perform the given task t perfection in accuracy, safety, and quality.

Sensitivity to Pain  

The biggest mantra of modern medical science is the art of being sensitive to others’ pain. It can completely transform the way in which the patient heals and recovers. The ability to reflect the psychological feelings of the patients to give them comfort and a feeling of protection is very important.


The women lead for health is not a new phenomenon. It has been going on since the first female doctor in the world entered the medical field. You can meet such personalities all over the world from the Americas to Asia and Australia. You can be one among them if you have the willingness to serve without expecting results.

Why Women Gynecologists Perform Better

The debate over choice between men and women as gynecologists has been going on the social media for a long time now. I would rather prefer a female gynecologist because she can understand the reproductive system problems practically.  She knows the evolution of the organs from childhood, through puberty, teenage, youth and adulthood. She could have a wider perspective of knowledge about the female reproductive system among various ethnic groups, skin and physique types, hormonal and genetic variations, etc.  Her awareness of tissues, blood, and the neuromuscular system of a female could be much better than a male gynecologist.

Assumption or Reality

What I have stated above could seem like my assumptions to you, unless you have had practical experience with both male and female specialists.  The practical reasons I found when during my pregnancy and the postnatal period made me write these points.

  • As a female, I can openly talk about my sexual, health, and internal organ problems with a female specialist
  • She can understand my physiological, neurological, and psychological problems much better than a male because she can relate to me personally
  • She has gone through the same cycles of gynecological changes in her body and brain from puberty to her present age
  • She has more experience with the patients than her male counterpart 
  • She knows when to prescribe medicines, when to suggest natural remedies, and how to control my diet plan during pregnancy and after
  • She can tell when it is required to opt for c-section and I can go for a natural vaginal birth
  • She can analyze the growth of the fetus from the stage of conception to the stage of delivery

There are many more practical reasons for which I recommend a female gynecologist. I have listed some of them here.

Practical Reasons

Placenta Removal

My friends often complained about placenta removal after birth. One of them told me she had a hell of a time when the male gynecologist and obstetrician tried to remove it with a mini-vacuum. He found it difficult to separate the placenta from the urine wall. It took hours of work to take it out and set her free.

My female obstetrician had no problem in taking out the placenta. She administered spinal anesthesia and removed the placenta by her hands. I had absolutely no pain or any other sensation. I was perfectly normal, by the time the anesthesia lost its effects. Moreover, I experienced no side effects of any form.

Postnatal Care

The female gynecologist-obstetrician who assisted my baby’s birth was very understanding and knowledgeable about my postnatal needs. She used to visit me thrice in a day in the hospital. She prepared a detailed checklist of my most trivial needs from water to food and nutrition. She was also aware of the cravings I used to get for candies, chocolates, and caffeine.


Being a sensitive female, I have been able to communicate better with a female gynecologist and obstetrician than with the male counterpart.

Why We Need Women in Healthcare

I am going to talk about the importance of women in healthcare in the primary sectors. You can include clinics, community health centers, and the maternity care centers. I have seen many women working in the underserved areas. They don’t care about whether you have medical insurance or not. They don’t expect any financial benefits from you directly. It is for the simple reason that the centers get funds from the government and the voluntary funding agencies.

Women Medical Professionals


The primary responsibility of nursing is to heal and cure the patients. It could be related to diagnosis, testing, treatment, and also therapy. The center will have a database of patients with specific illnesses and potential symptoms. The nurses work closely with such patients to increase healing pace and improve health conditions.

Patience and persistence are the two key aspects which I have keenly observed among the female nurses. Many of the patients won’t accept the prescribed treatments. Some of them refuse to consume medicines. I have also seen many alcoholic patients causing trouble at the primary healthcare centers after getting drunk. The nurses show lot of empathy and care while treating. It is very rare occasion to see a female nurse getting angry at the patients.


Physicians at the community health centers have a larger role to play. They treat the patients for all kinds of minor and critical illnesses from fever to diabetes and heart issues. They have to cover all the age group patients from pediatrics to elderly health care. I have seen female physicians having in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of medicines and treatments.

The way they prescribe medicines during diagnosis and testing is simply marvelous. It is accurate, specific, and affordable in price for nearly all the low income working families. Female Community Pharmacists play a significant role in educating the people about medicines consumption practices.

Many people still don’t care about the expiration dates on the medicines they consume. It could lead to negative side effects which could be serious and impairing. The female doctors take up voluntary education programs every weekend.


 Women gynecologists in community healthcare centers play a critical role in maintenance of patient health. They take care of complete patient health from the first week of pregnancy to the last week. They prescribe nutritious foods from the veggies, meat, and seafood which everyone can afford.

Some of the female gynecologists even take up the task of home visits among the low income families. It is ensure every female gets the healthcare benefits from the age of puberty to the age of menopause and beyond.

C-sections are increasing in numbers, especially in the USA today. From the specialist perspective, it is to avoid the risk of miscarriages or other problems. Many of the moms also prefer them to avoid pain during natural birth.

The female gynecologists at the community centers can diagnose the future mothers completely and take a positive decision between C-section and natural birth. Their selfless works at the primary healthcare and gynecology are awesome. Keep reading more of my blog articles on Women in healthcare.