Role of Women Chiropractors in Pregnancy Lower Back Healing

Pregnancy Lower Back Healing

Lower back pain is a major cause of concern during pregnancy. It can start during the early weeks and progressively increase. Some of the causes could be the forward tilt of the pelvis, head translation, first vertebrate extension, etc. obesity can also increase the probability and intensity of pain. Some of the common symptoms could be breathing problems, leg and thigh pain, constipation, insomnia, etc. The other symptoms could depend on the physiology of individual females and hormone level imbalances.

Why Female Chiropractor

A female chiropractor (especially with the knowledge of gynecology) can understand all the health conditions associated with the factors I have listed in the introduction. She is also able to relate to her patients’ psychological changes that happen during pregnancy. Hence, the process of treatment and healing could be more reliable and safer.

Pubic Pain

Pubic pain is one of the earliest symptoms which one can experience during pregnancy due to disorder in the lower back muscles. The Para-spinal muscles could shift from their original position due to the pelvic weight. The first impact will be on the pubic area. Improper postures, diet, and lack of physical exercise during pregnancy can further create problems to the spine.

A female chiropractor can quickly identify the symptoms and relate to the causes naturally. Since she can diagnose the connectivity accurately, her treatment methods are also specific and precise. Moreover, she can choose the most effective chiropractic method that is free of obstacles and pain.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is the other probable symptom of lower back pain. The pelvic bones undergo stress and fatigue during pregnancy due to pressure from the lower back section. The sensation of pain can increase gradually and reach a peak. Sometimes the shooting pain can also result in an impact on the fetus or the growing baby.

Chiropractic treatment can balance the weight of the pelvic with the spinal cord and the backbone’s vertical alignment with the body. Hence, the center of gravity shifts more towards the middle section of the body.

A female gynecologist-chiropractor can find the best methods of treatments to pregnant patients. She can use alternative chiropractic methods like massages, spinal adjustments, alignments, and manipulations. She will also take care of avoiding the negative side effects due to medications and other forms of treatments which the patient may be going through simultaneously.


Breathlessness is one of the common symptoms which can affect the lungs, chest, and other cardiovascular organs. In the beginning, the patient may find it difficult to breathe while performing stressful activities. Later the symptoms may show up even while sitting and sleeping. It could be due to the misalignment or disorder in the thoracic muscles and nerves or other parts in the lumbar section.

A female chiropractor can provide the most accurate treatments to heal because she has practical knowledge of the female lumbar and thoracic muscles and nervous system.


My practical observation has been that the women chiropractors can perform better when it comes to healing pregnancy-related lower back problems. In my next articles, I will share my observations about women in the other aspects of chiropractic treatments.

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