Why We Need Women in Healthcare

I am going to talk about the importance of women in healthcare in the primary sectors. You can include clinics, community health centers, and the maternity care centers. I have seen many women working in the underserved areas. They don’t care about whether you have medical insurance or not. They don’t expect any financial benefits from you directly. It is for the simple reason that the centers get funds from the government and the voluntary funding agencies.

Women Medical Professionals


The primary responsibility of nursing is to heal and cure the patients. It could be related to diagnosis, testing, treatment, and also therapy. The center will have a database of patients with specific illnesses and potential symptoms. The nurses work closely with such patients to increase healing pace and improve health conditions.

Patience and persistence are the two key aspects which I have keenly observed among the female nurses. Many of the patients won’t accept the prescribed treatments. Some of them refuse to consume medicines. I have also seen many alcoholic patients causing trouble at the primary healthcare centers after getting drunk. The nurses show lot of empathy and care while treating. It is very rare occasion to see a female nurse getting angry at the patients.


Physicians at the community health centers have a larger role to play. They treat the patients for all kinds of minor and critical illnesses from fever to diabetes and heart issues. They have to cover all the age group patients from pediatrics to elderly health care. I have seen female physicians having in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of medicines and treatments.

The way they prescribe medicines during diagnosis and testing is simply marvelous. It is accurate, specific, and affordable in price for nearly all the low income working families. Female Community Pharmacists play a significant role in educating the people about medicines consumption practices.

Many people still don’t care about the expiration dates on the medicines they consume. It could lead to negative side effects which could be serious and impairing. The female doctors take up voluntary education programs every weekend.


 Women gynecologists in community healthcare centers play a critical role in maintenance of patient health. They take care of complete patient health from the first week of pregnancy to the last week. They prescribe nutritious foods from the veggies, meat, and seafood which everyone can afford.

Some of the female gynecologists even take up the task of home visits among the low income families. It is ensure every female gets the healthcare benefits from the age of puberty to the age of menopause and beyond.

C-sections are increasing in numbers, especially in the USA today. From the specialist perspective, it is to avoid the risk of miscarriages or other problems. Many of the moms also prefer them to avoid pain during natural birth.

The female gynecologists at the community centers can diagnose the future mothers completely and take a positive decision between C-section and natural birth. Their selfless works at the primary healthcare and gynecology are awesome. Keep reading more of my blog articles on Women in healthcare.

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